Welcome to my travel journal.

California | Redwood National Park

California | Redwood National Park

Welcome, friends and family. I am pleased to have you here, looking around and reading my trail of thoughts and experiences from the road. This website has been up and running for well over a year now. The time has finally arrived for new content. Specifically, the addition of a travel journal.

I thought long and hard about this space. What will be shared from recent travels. To be honest, I have no desire to provide tips and tricks on how to do vanlife. Plenty of others, living this lifestyle full-time, have already shared an abundance of information online.

What I do want to share with you, however, is my journey. Authentically. The good and bad of traveling solo. The joys and frustrations of days on end in a tiny van. The stunning and less than picturesque stops along the way. An intimate look into my life on the road, exploring North America in a bright purple van, named Dandy.

How often I post to this blog is to be determined. Every Thursday sounds lovely. One Thursday a month sounds even more lovely. I am going to see how the stories and thoughts flow, naturally, instead of creating a hard and fast schedule today.

Either way, I will be back soon enough.

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